The Electric Fat Bike Review

After miles of testing the Rad Power Bikes RadRover it has demonstrated to be a ground-breaking, flexible, and fun off-road eBike.

Its 750 watt engine joined with 4″ wide rough terrain tires make this a tough eFat bicycle that has amazing reach on account of its enormous 48V 14ah Samsung cells lithium battery.

Another great feature is that the RadRover is valued at $1,499 with free sending (lower 48 states) and Rad Power Bikes offers regularly scheduled installment alternatives.

The RadRover is a decent section level eBike with an entirely steady ride feel, an upstanding agreeable ride position, and a strong look.

It additionally includes the capacity to include tough front and back load racks for turning into a payload hauler for around town errands and end of the week undertakings.

In this second piece of the full survey you will get a thought of the ride qualities, run test outcomes, experts, cons, and by and large considerations on this electric bicycle.

Ensure you look at section 1 of this audit with huge pictures and determinations to get a nitty gritty take a gander at this e-bicycle.

What you can anticipate from the RadRover:

To get to know the Rad Power Bikes RadRover, checkout this video:

Riding the RadRover:

In general there are a few qualities of the Rad Power Bikes RadRover that truly emerge when riding this electric fat bicycle. To abridge they are:

4″ wide tires for off-road riding in mud, sand, snow, and for a very steady ride feel out and about

Ground-breaking 750 watt equipped back center point engine with pedal help and throttle

Amazing extent with high limit Samsung cells battery

The Look and Feel of the RadRover

eFat bicycles have a strong look when contrasted with a customary eMountain bicycle as a result of the colossal 4″ wide rough terrain tires.

Individuals will see you when you ride by on the RadRover, and with its 750 watt center point engine you might fly by them!

The principle structure of the RadRover is the hydroformed 6061 aluminum outline that has been formed to fit a wide scope of riders and to furnish the fat tires with generous freedom.

There is in one casing size (18″) to fit riders from 5′-4″ to 6′-2″.

26″ x 4″ Kenda Juggernaut Fat tires fit easily inside the casing and fork with a lot of leeway for clearing mud and additionally snow.

The downtube of the casing has a level surface for incorporation of the battery on the downtube of the edge. This low and focused battery area is useful for by and large bicycle taking care of.

There is some interior link directing in the edge that accommodates link/wiring security and a spotless look.

A major redesign for 2018 is the new front rack outline connection at the headtube. Rad Power Bikes offers an assortment of front racks and front crates for the strong headtube connection point.

They likewise offer a back rack for the RadRover and the blend of these offers a decent freight answer for driving and going around town errands.

These racks/containers can likewise be useful for conveying gear on experience rides on the RadRover.

Riding the RadRover gives you the sentiment of steadiness on account of the 4″ wide tires. They give a strong stage to riding on practically any territory.

The RadRover is an eFat bicycle that can deal with hard pack trails, sand, mud, and snow. It's huge tires additionally gives an overly steady ride feel for rides around town.

That security is credited to the huge track fix that contacts the ground and the huge volume of air in the tires.

Fat bicycle tires can run lower weight than customary off-road bicycle tires in light of the huge volume of air that they contain.

These 4″ wide high air volume tires can shape over and form to unpleasant landscape.

Here are some tire weight proposals for various territory:

Sand and Snow: + or – 8 psi

Hard pack to sloppy streets/trails: 12-15 psi

Urban riding: 20-30 psi

It is essential to explore different avenues regarding the diverse tire weights for the landscape you are riding while at the same time thinking about your weight and riding style. 1 or 2 psi can have a major effect in the manner a fat bicycle feels.

With the correct tire weight the 4″ wide Kenda Juggernaut tires can form over and hold a ton of unpleasant landscape.

The huge volume of air that they contain additionally makes a suspension impact from the tires themselves.

That suspension impact is entirely observable on a hardtail (no back suspension) like the RadRover.

With the correct tire weight you can ride over a ton of harsh territory and they have staggering footing due to the huge tire fix on the ground and they shape around things like rocks, roots, and so forth.

At lower weights Fat bicycle tires do have a drowsy vibe when contrasted with conventional (2″ to 2.5″) or Plus size (2.6″ to 3″) off-road bicycle tires.

It is most perceptible when cutting into a turn, you can truly feel the bigger mass of these huge wheels as you are cornering.

Here is a decent video looking at the characteristics of a Fat bicycle versus Furthermore bicycle and it will give a few thoughts on how these bigger tires perform.

The Fat bicycle tires have an outside distance across that is near a customary 29er tire so they get a portion of the enormous wheel capacity to move over a ton of deterrents well.

Squeeze flatting the cylinder is to a lesser degree a worry at these generally lower weights in light of the fact that there is so much air volume for the tires to assimilate impacts from rocks, roots, and so on.

What's more, squeeze flatting is nearly wiped out when running a tubeless framework. The RadRover accompanies tubes however there is the likelihood of changing over to a tubeless framework with the right tires and a tubeless transformation pack (Orange Seal). This is an extraordinary method to run the lower weights and nearly wipe out pads from thistles, glass, and other little items on the grounds that the sealant shuts the gaps.

Another approach to limit pads from thistles, glass, and other little items is to utilize a tire liner like Mr. Tuffy.

When you consolidate the intensity of the 750 watt engine and the grippy 4″ wide tires, the RadRover can control through a great deal of troublesome landscape!

Presently how about we investigate the ride position of the RadRover.

One of the new highlights for 2018 is a progressively upstanding riding position that is agreeable and assists with seeing everything around you.

The stem is short and it has a high stack stature with the goal that you are not very extended on the RadRover.

The handlebar is genuinely wide for a steady ride feel when dealing with the enormous 4″ wide rough terrain tires.

Ergonomic grasps with a wide stage help to give wrist support. The grasps moved around a little on the handlebar while testing the bicycle. Sticking the grasps to the handlebar can help with this or you could move up to holds that have lock on collars.

To further remove the edge from unpleasant streets and trails the RadRover comes outfitted with a RST 80mm (3.2″) travel suspension fork.

The spring rate on the fork can be acclimated to accommodate your weight and riding style and there is a lockout dial.

The lockout on the correct side of the fork gives an increasingly productive ride on smooth streets by keeping the fork from going all over when you are emerging of the seat and accelerating hard.

On the back of the bicycle is the Velo Plush seat that has a genuinely wide profile with a middle area alleviation for an inside and out agreeable ride.

There is an idea about the back of the seat that is extremely helpful for lifting and moving the RadRover.

The 4″ wide fat tires work admirably of giving some suspension impact yet in the event that you need to take a greater amount of the edge off, a suspension seatpost is a decent alternative.

The 4″ more extensive fat tires on the RadRover give it a truly steady ride feel with grippy footing and suspension impact to deal with practically any landscape.

When you include 750 watt of intensity it makes the Rover a significantly progressively proficient off-road eBike. What's more, that makes a major contrast on the off chance that you are riding in power looting sand or snow.
That 750 watts of intensity joined with a portion of your pedal power will make them journey up moderate slopes at almost 20 mph!

The Bafang outfitted back center point engine has 5 dimensions of pedal help that are actuated by your accelerating rhythm. The help begins once you have accelerated 1/2 an unrest of the wrenches.

Those pedal help levels are balanced with the all over bolts on the control cushion on the left half of the handlebars.

Levels 1 and 2 give you a really smooth ride and they are decent for simple cruising rides around the area or when riding specialized landscape. At these dimensions the pedal help mixes in quite well when you begin and quit accelerating.

Levels 3 through 5 certainly pack to a greater degree a punch and they rapidly get you up to speed. They offer an exceptionally lively ride feel with a ton of quickening and speed however that additionally accompanies depleting the battery snappier. In these dimensions of help there is a greater amount of a sudden expansion of the power as you begin and quit accelerating.

Notwithstanding pedal help there is the wind hold throttle that can be utilized with the pedal help or you can utilize the throttle without accelerating in the event that you like.

It has a ton of inconstancy in how much power it gives; it is a ton like a volume dial on a radio. On the off chance that you are utilizing the lower pedal help levels, the throttle can include that additional punch of intensity when you need it.

The curve hold throttle has an on/off catch that counteracts coincidental enactment and enables you to possibly utilize the throttle when you need to.

Like most equipped center point engines the Bafang engine creates some commotion and you can for the most part hear that at the lower speeds. At the higher rates the tire and wind clamor scatters the engine commotion a bit.

Driving the engine and front fog light is the new 48V 14Ah (672Wh) lithium battery pack that utilizations Samsung 35E cells. The battery pack is appraised for 800 charge cycles.

Rad Power Bikes set the 7.6 pound battery pack in a perfect area on the downtube for low and focused weight conveyance. That assists with by and large treatment of the bicycle.

Evacuating the battery brings the bicycle weight down to 59.4 pounds which makes it a marginally simpler to stack onto a vehicle rack. The battery can be completely energized from void in 5-6 hours.

OK, presently we should investigate the showcase on the Rad Power Bikes RadRover.

The inside mounted LCD show gives data on:

Battery level

Odometer and excursion remove

Current speed, normal speed, max speed

Pedal help level. There are 5 dimensions of pedal help. The RadRover utilizes a rhythm sensor for the pedal help framework.

Watts that the engine is giving

There is an illuminated choice for riding in low light and it tends to be turned on by holding the up bolt and focus mode catch on the control cushion for a couple of moments. That additionally turns on the front lamp.

It is fascinating to observe what number of watts the engine is adding to your ride in various help levels. It's a decent method to perceive the amount of an impact your pedal power can add to the general ride.

Backing the RadRover off is taken care of by the Tektro Aries mechanical plate brakes with 180mm rotors front and back.

These brakes are shockingly ground-breaking thinking about that they are hindering the huge fat bicycle wheels. There is a pleasant scope of intensity from cleaning off only a little speed to full stop.

The brake switches have sensors that will stop the engine help when the brakes are locked in.

There is likewise an elastic grasp surface on each brake switch that helps when riding in wet or dry conditions.

OK, how about we perceive how the RadPower RadRover outed on the open street!

RadPower RadRover Range Test Results:

Here is this present reality data on how the RadRover electric bicycle performed on a riding circuit that incorporates slopes, pads, traffic, wind (when accessible) and so on.

While testing these bicycles I like to put them through the hardest conditions to see where their main concern is with respect to range and speed. I tried the RadRover in the most astounding pedal help (Level 5) with normal accelerating on cleared streets.

Range: As you can see from the GPS data that I recorded, the RadRover voyaged 30.3 miles and completed an all out height addition of around 2,400+ ft. Taking into account that I weigh 190 lbs and I accelerated all around delicately this is great range for an eFat bicycle with a 48 Volt 14 ah battery pack (672 Watt Hours) with a 750 watt engine helping up to 20 mph.

Watt hours are the absolute vitality in a battery pack and it depends on the volts x amp hours of a pack. This is an approach to look at the size of the "gas tank" of electric bicycles.

If it's not too much trouble remember that on the off chance that you pedal more, weigh short of what me, ride slower and additionally you utilize the bicycle in territory that isn't as bumpy you will get more range. These outcomes are from extreme testing.

Speed: The RadRover will help up to 20 mph with pedal help just and additionally throttle.

Weight: The RadRover weighs in at 67 lbs which is on the heavier side for an electric bicycle. Expelling the battery brings it down to around 59.4 pounds which makes it somewhat simpler to stack onto a vehicle rack.

The weight dispersion of the RadRover is to some degree back substantial on the grounds that the engine is in the back wheel while the battery is low and focused on the bicycle.


Incredible eFat Bike: 750 watts is a great deal of intensity and it fits the RadRover well with regards to riding through extreme landscape like sand and snow. That power additionally assists with cruising easily at 20 mph out and about, even up some moderate slopes.

Noteworthy Range: The new high limit battery (672 Wh) gave 30.3 miles of range in the intense territory test (most astounding help level) with rise increase of 2,400+ ft of climbing. In progressively moderate riding conditions you can hope to get considerably more range. This is great for an eBike with 4″ wide rough terrain tires.

Cost: $1,499 with free sending in the lower 48 states is a noteworthy value point for this ground-breaking eFat bicycle with a high limit battery and a strong line up of parts.


Heavier: At 67 pounds this is on the heavier side for most electric bicycles. Expelling the battery enables a little for lifting the bicycle to up yet regardless it is 59.4 pounds.

Engine Noise: Like most outfitted center point engines, the Bafang creates some commotion at the lower speeds. That engine clamor scatters a little as you get to the higher speeds because of wind and tire commotion.


By and large the Rad Power Bikes RadRover is an eFat bicycle that has noteworthy incentive at $1,499.

The incredible 750 watt engine and long range is a strong stage for this eFat bicycle with off-road abilities.

The RadRover is an incredible section level eBike that can be utilized for a wide range of riding from sand, snow, mud, to around town fun rides. It has an entirely steady ride feel with an upstanding agreeable ride position and a striking look.

With the expansion of the front and back racks it can turn into a genuine payload hauler for around town errands and end of the week undertakings.

The RadRover is evaluated at $1,499 with free delivering (lower 48 states) and Rad Power Bikes offers regularly scheduled installment alternatives also.

If it's not too much trouble remember this is a moderately momentary test. This testing can't generally give you the long haul survey of toughness and dependability. My considerations on the nature of this bicycle are from past encounters with comparable bicycles. In the event that you claim this bicycle and have some contribution on the long haul strength, it would be ideal if you share your remarks with the Electric Bike Report people group beneath.

Where to purchase a Rad Power Bikes RadRover? Check with the Rad Power Bikes site. Rad Power Bikes as of late begun selling their eBikes in Canada and select European markets also.

Do you have any inquiries regarding the RadRover? Do you possess a RadRover? If it's not too much trouble share your considerations in the remark segment beneath.

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