Samsung HW-N950 soundbar review

As the first soundbar to leave Samsung's Californian sound lab, the HW-K950 Dolby Atmos soundbar was a genuine bet. Indeed, with its double remote encompass speakers, 15 drivers (counting four terminated at the roof), and a $1,500 sticker price, the K950 may be better depicted as a holding nothing back, pink-slips-on-the-table wager on Atmos. Fortunately for Samsung, going enormous satisfied. The K950 was a triumph, introducing another period of incredible and helpful Dolby Atmos soundbars.
Samsung HW-N950
The follow-up to the K950, the HW-N950 is much more considerable than its ancestor — and at $1,700, it has the sticker price to demonstrate it. Flaunting new side-terminating front drivers for a more extensive soundstage, support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D encompass, and amazing lucidity no matter how you look at it, Samsung's most recent sound powerhouse has again set out the track for other encompass soundbars to pursue.


It is difficult fitting 17 speakers into a soundbar framework, and that is promptly evident from the N950's case: A monstrous square shape of white and beige gauging 60 pounds aggregate, the bundle is a brute to bring home.

Inside, you'll discover every one of the segments stuffed in froth, including the soundbar itself (each of its 20 pounds), a tall beverage of a subwoofer, and smaller than normal satellite speakers, which are all completed in glittery dark plastic coordinated by long pieces of work flame broil.

The N950 is just marginally greater than its antecedent, and similarly as invisible girl in structure, with the side-terminating drivers toward the end tops and another focal area for the locally available controls board introducing the main prominent changes outwardly.

An UPS-tan box of embellishments holds all you'll requirement for setup, including power links for every one of the four parts (remote or not, the speakers won't control themselves), a HDMI link, a manual, and a mounting unit. At almost 4 inches down and more than 48-creeps over, the N950 takes up a ton of TV reassure land, yet in the event that you plan on mounting it, you'll need to ensure you hit studs behind the drywall.


Similarly as with all new Samsung soundbars — and most by far of soundbars when all is said in done — the easiest and most ideal approach to interface the N950 is by means of the ARC HDMI ports on both the soundbar and your TV. Actually, as you won't most likely source lossless sound from your TV generally, it's the best way to get Dolby Atmos from your TV. Circular segment will likewise permit the soundbar to pass 4K HDR substance (counting HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision) to the TV at up to 60 outlines for every second from any source connected to the bar, just as empower CEC directions, so you can control capacities like power and volume from most TV remotes. (Note: You may need to turn on CEC in your TV's menu, as well.)

The Samsung HW-N950 offers splendidly straightforward task.

The N950 flaunts two HDMI contributions for connecting parts like Blu-beam players or gushing boxes (it would have been decent to get a third), and we prescribe connecting your top sources legitimately for best outcomes. Extra association choices incorporate a computerized Optical info, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.
The remote satellites and subwoofer pair consequently to the soundbar, however we suggest you pursue the request set out in the manual while connecting the framework (subwoofer first, at that point satellites, at that point soundbar) or you may get the feared red or blazing blue LEDs on the back of the speakers and be compelled to restart. In contrast to Yamaha's Atmos/DTS:X YSP-5600 soundbar, there's no auto alignment here, so you should modify each channel physically for equalization. On the off chance that conceivable, Samsung prescribes setting the encompasses and soundbar equidistant from the listening position for best outcomes.


Indeed, even following seven days on our TV support, we were all the while becoming accustomed to exactly how monstrous the N950 is. It has a similarly enormous TV — 65-inches or greater removes a portion of the center — yet it's still hard to miss. What's more, despite the fact that it's much littler than a customary Dolby Atmos speaker setup, be prepared to contribute space just as money.

The N950 flaunts double woofers and a solitary tweeter for every one of its three front channels. Those are coordinated by double up-terminating drivers on the highest point of the bar, just as one each on the satellite speakers to ricochet call out the roof for 3D encompass sound submersion.

New are the previously mentioned side-terminating drivers, which are intended to bob call out your divider for side encompasses, making a 7.1.4 encompass setup that outpaces the K950's 5.1.4 setup. While we can't state the side-terminating drivers compare to a similar sort of submersion and detail you get from genuine side-mounted speakers, they do upgrade 3D-encompass execution for a more extensive, progressively liquid soundstage.

Power, smoothness, and sheer clearness in detail were all at the bleeding edge.

Moderation is a subject among the majority of Samsung's most recent soundbars — from style to task — and the N950 goes with the same pattern for splendidly straightforward activity.

Those acquainted with the Sound+ bars (and Samsung TVs so far as that is concerned) will promptly perceive the N950's smooth, support stick remote. Material keys for volume and subwoofer levels make it simple to make alterations in obscurity, while hitting the Sound Mode key calls up the "Shrewd" sound mode. Brilliant mode is intended to change the framework for whatever source you're playing back — i.e., set it and overlook it. Standard and Surround modes are additionally accessible, yet the Smart mode for the most part works best for us.

That is a much needed development for the individuals who would prefer not to futz with different DSP modes or a tangled on-screen menu, yet it is constraining with regards to tuning the framework to your room — particularly since there's no auto-alignment. It's still entirely easy to change singular channels utilizing the Settings and Navigation keys, with the LED presentation at the bar's correct side as your guide. One issue is the impediment of simply Treble and Bass settings for EQ — we'd love to see a Midrange alternative included there — yet holding down the Settings key for 5 seconds permits multiband EQ change, so it's more bother than obstacle.

Samsung HW-N950

Riley Young/Digital Trends

One of the N950's most striking augmentations over the K950 is deciphering for DTS' sound suite, including lossless sound for DTS HD. While most 4K Ultra HD Blu-beam plates nowadays choose Dolby Atmos over DTS:X, a lot of inheritance circles and different organizations bolster DTS encompass, and that is vital, as the N950's execution improves monstrously when nourished less-packed signs.

Other new highlights incorporate Alexa voice support (insofar as you have an Echo speaker or another Alexa-empowered gadget), and another upscaling chip called UHQ Sound that professes to raise the goals of sound records to 32bit profundity "for more extravagant, progressively powerful solid."


Soundbars will be soundbars, and you'll never have the capacity to arrive the detail and savagery of a completely discrete encompass sound speaker setup. All things considered, the N950 comes as close as we've at any point heard.

We wound up commenting so anyone might hear at how sweet and smooth instruments sounded.

We can't state without a doubt if Harman Kardon took an interest in tuning the N950's drivers — the as of late obtained brand's name is noticeable on both the bar and the remote — yet we can disclose to you this is the best-sounding bar we've tried from Samsung yet. Interest in sound is satisfying for the organization best known for its TVs and telephones, and it's pleasant to see — or hear — solid outcomes.

From the minute we connected our Dolby Atmos test circle, we realized the N950 was extraordinary. Power, smoothness, and sheer clearness in detail were all at the front line when jumping through the exceptionally created scenes. Truth be told, after the primary test scene, Amaze, which offers a reiteration of overhead development (the principle selling purpose of 3D encompass frameworks), streaming impacts from the sides and behind, and incredible bass, our first note was essentially: DAMN.

The roundabout development of the feathered creature in the scene was expertly followed as the bar and speakers pushed the sound around our rectangular family room. The downpour overhead was plainly characterized and spilled down in material drops, while the intense bass flex was dazzling, smooth, and amazing without being domineering or tubby.

Samsung HW-N950

Riley Young/Digital Trends

Another amazing test originated from the Crash scene, which is truly only a moderate movement shot of a baseball experiencing a window. We've heard the scene on numerous occasions, yet notwithstanding when contrasted with likewise estimated discrete frameworks like Focal's Sib Evo Dolby Atmos satellite setup, the N950 posed a potential threat, offering more power, better clearness, and adjusted detail of every single shard of broken glass gliding overhead.

Proceeding onward to films, we were constantly inspired with the N950's treatment of progressively private minutes, too. Oscar Isaac's exchange in Alex Garland's gem Ex Machina was practically spellbinding as the character gets logically alcoholic on vodka, and we got ourselves riveted by his Promethean drifting.

Swinging to lesser-created content cuts the bar down a couple of scores, and stereo substance can even get only a touch shouty on occasion, while bass can every so often drop out of parity. In any case, when you have it tuned to your room, TV content offers smooth midrange execution coordinated by clear, nitty gritty treble.


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The N950 completes an entirely fine activity with your music, as well. Execution isn't so articulate, regular, or delightful as, state, our KEF LS50 Wireless speakers — which top out at a couple of hundred dollars more — however will undoubtedly make some genuine trade offs with a soundbar, particularly one intended for true to life playback first. In addition, we ended up commenting so anyone might hear at how sweet and smooth instruments sounded on occasion, particularly metal and strings.


The HW-N950 has a year guarantee against producer abandons once enlisted. You can discover increasingly about the guarantee at Samsung's site.


Basically, Samsung's new HW-N950 presents the most effortless, must unpretentious way we are aware of to arrive awesome Dolby Atmos (and DTS:X) encompass sound for your home theater. It's among the best soundbars of 2019.

Is there a superior option?

While Samsung's maturing HW-K950 is a suitable option, it's Vizio's SB46514-F6 that is the best option in case you're hoping to spare some money. While the interface is somewhat cumbersome, Vizio's bar puts out incredible and vivid 3D-encompass and blasting bass gratitude to a 10-inch subwoofer buddy. While it sheds a portion of the decorations, at around $1,000 or less, it's a genuine incentive and considerably more in accordance with generally spending plans.

To what extent will it last?

The HW-N950 gives off an impression of being very well-assembled, and with 4K Ultra HD and HDR passthrough at 60 fps close by both Dolby Atmos and DTS disentangling, it ought to stay important for a considerable length of time to come.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly. In case you're looking for the pedal to the metal rushes of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X encompass sound in the accommodation of a solitary framework (and you have the cash), Samsung's HW-N950 is the bar to beat.

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