Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor review

Any shrewd floodlight will have a movement indicator that will turn on its light when somebody enters its discovery zone. What makes the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor extraordinary is that it can trigger numerous Philips Hue shrewd knobs and keen luminaires. Furthermore, those lights can be both outside and inside your home.

At the point when a criminal outings a floodlight, they could very well shrug, duck out of the pool of light, and continue to break into your home, thinking "Eh, it's only an imbecilic floodlight." But an interloper may reconsider on the off chance that they likewise observe a light flip on inside your home. The exact opposite thing the run of the mill hoodlum needs to do is break in while somebody's home.
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Introducing a Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

Arranging a Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

It's a win or bust undertaking

An absolute necessity have frill for Philips Hue clients

Introducing a Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

To introduce the sensor, you'll screw a plastic section to a level surface, snare the sensor on that section, and afterward secure it to the section with a set screw. Philips gives a discretionary section that gives you a chance to mount the sensor to an inside or outside corner. The client manual shows a third mounting alternative, utilizing a link tie—which may be a decent choice for mounting to something like a downpour drain downspout—however Philips doesn't give a link tie.

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The section to one side of the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor enables you to mount the sensor on either an inside or outside corner.

Screws (which are excessively long in case you're mounting the section to wood siding or trim) and empty divider stays (which may likewise work for establishment on stucco or brick work) are given in the case, just like an overlap out establishment manual that covers just the physical establishment. While this documentation instructs you to call up the Accessory menu in the Philips Hue application to include the sensor, that is all it says. You're alone with regards to making sense of how to design the application to turn on lights in light of movement.

Designing a Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

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Michael Brown/IDGThe Philips Hue application gives you a chance to program Philips Hue lights to any scene dependent on open air movement.

Luckily, those means are not hard to make sense of. The sensor can trigger numerous Philips Hue savvy knobs and luminaires without a moment's delay, yet its trigger depends on rooms, not singular installations. When you introduce Philips Hue globules or installations, the application has you dole out those gadgets to "rooms." When you design the movement indicator, the application enables you to choose a limit of three rooms in which all Hue knobs appointed to those rooms can be controlled at whatever point movement is identified.

I mounted the sensor over a lot of French screen entryways on my back yard and set it up in the application to control the lights in my "patio" room and in my "pool table room." "Lawn" has one Philips Hue Calla bollard-style pathway light and three Philips Hue Lily scene spotlights, while "pool table room" has five Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 savvy globules in a light hanging over my pool table.

The application enables you to set two arrangements of activities ("practices," as the application marks them) for sunshine hours, and a second arrangement of two for evening hours. You characterize when every period starts and closures. One conduct figures out what every one of the lights in each room will do when movement is identified, and different controls what the lights will do once movement is never again distinguished for a client characterized period extending from two minutes to 60 minutes.

It's a win or bust undertaking


Philips Hue Lily outside spotlight

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Practices can trigger every one of the lights in a space to change to any of the Philips Hue lighting scenes or light formulas, or you can program the application with the goal that the lights in a room do nothing by any stretch of the imagination. You can program distinctive practices for each room, however not for the individual lights in that room. I modified the application so the Lily spotlights and Calla pathway light in my lawn would change to their most splendid incentive around evening time, while my pool table light would enter a "nightlight" mode. Following 10 minutes, the pool table light turns off, and the lawn lights come back to their past state. That last choice is vital, on the grounds that you may need more splendid light just when movement is distinguished, and after that have your scene lighting return to a progressively barometrical setting a short time later.

The movement sensor offers 12 meters of range (39.4 feet), with a flat field of perspective on 160 degrees and a 80-degree vertical field of view. The top portion of the arch molded sensor is secured with a dark plastic hood, so feathered creatures flying overhead or leaves tumbling from adjacent trees won't deliver false alerts. The sensor identifies varieties in infrared radiation in the earth, and its focal point screens development straightforwardly underneath it, with the goal that it will react when you open an entryway and stroll under it. The top portion of the focal point identifies development at longer separations, for example, somebody moving toward your entryway from the front or side.

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The creator introduced the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor over a French screendoor on his porch.

In the event that you find that the movement sensor is turning lights on superfluously, you can alter its affectability in the Hue application. The gadget additionally has a worked in light sensor that ought to keep it from pointlessly turning lights on amid sunshine hours (in spite of the fact that the sunlight conduct you program in the application may supersede that).

An unquestionable requirement have embellishment for Philips Hue clients

Similarly as with all Philips Hue gadgets, the open air movement sensor utilizes a ZigBee radio for order and control. Accordingly, including one will broaden the scope of your Philips Hue arrange, which may be especially helpful in case you're introducing Hue items outside your home and you find that the required Hue Bridge is experiencing issues contacting them. You can introduce any blend of Philips Hue indoor sensors, outside sensors, and remote switches, yet you're restricted to 12 such gadgets on a solitary system.

This sensor is pointless on the off chance that you don't have Philips Hue lighting items in your home, yet it increases the value of that biological system on the off chance that you do. Having the capacity to control lights outside and inside your locally established on open air movement location conveys both wellbeing and security benefits. This is an extraordinary thought that is exceedingly first rate.

We've possessed to trust that Philips will fashion an outside scope of Hue lights to coordinate its great exhibit of indoor arrangements, however force is assembling rapidly.

The previous summer, we at long last got our hands on the Hue Calla bollard lights and open air lightstrips; we observed both to be proficient, assuming exorbitant, increments to the line-up. This year, Philips is multiplying down on greenhouse lighting with two new divider mounted apparatuses and the subject of the present audit, the $50 Hue Outdoor Sensor.

This gadget assumes a comparative job to the Hue Motion Sensor, which has been accessible for indoor frameworks since 2016: It will enlighten open air lights at whatever point movement is identified. That makes it a perfect accomplice for pathway lights like Hue Calla just as the organization's Ludere security lights and choice of divider lamps. Of course, you'll need the Philips Hue connect (sold independently or in a starter unit) to associate the sensor to your framework. We took the sensor outside for a test turn. Here's the means by which it went.


For comfort, the Hue outside sensor is completely remote, controlled by two replaceable 'AA' batteries that ought to convey no less than two years of administration. As you'd expect, the sensor is completely weatherproof, with an IP54 rating. Philips discloses to us that the gadget has experienced critical testing and will withstand substantial precipitation (however not full submersion in water), while a working temperature scope of - 4 to 131-degrees Fahrenheit (- 20 to 55-degrees Celsius) guarantees all year appropriateness.

philips tone outside sensor survey advantage welcome

With a highly contrasting shading plan perfectly coordinating different gadgets on the Hue Outdoor range, the sensor is both smaller and fairly adorable, with a bulbous 'eye' keeping watch over your pathway. It's intended to be mounted high-up on a divider, fence or other open air installation, identifying movement up to 10 meters away, with a liberal 160-degree (7 meter) field of vision.

Establishment is simple gratitude to strong plastic level divider and corner mounts incorporated into box, in addition to going with screws and divider grapples. In the event that penetrating dividers sounds an excess of like diligent work, you can get imaginative by stringing link ties through the level divider mount to verify the sensor to deplete channels or other outside fittings.


Setting up the sensor is a direct errand. Dissimilar to Hue knobs, there's no compelling reason to hit a catch on the extension to associate the gadget to your framework. Just visit the Accessories region of the Hue application, select the sensor from the rundown of upheld gadgets, press a little setup catch on the back of the sensor, and you're associated.

It's a perfect accomplice for pathway lights like Hue Calla just as security lights and divider lamps.

From that point, you're allowed to design sensor settings as wanted. The Hue application permits simple setup of both indoor and open air room lights amid the day and night, so you can trigger pathway and passage lights to invite you home during the evening. Client configurable timetables characterize each time zone, so it's anything but difficult to program how your lights respond to recognized movement amid the day, with a completely extraordinary program through the night. Each zone additionally underpins an individual deferral after which your lights ought to come back to their default state, from one moment as long as 60 minutes. What's more, as you'd expect, you can utilize the sensor to trigger the full cluster of preconfigured or customized Hue scenes; in the event that you wish to astonish gatecrashers or welcome night guests with a mob of shading, the Hue application can get it going with only a few taps.

We're huge devotees of the Philips Hue application, which effectively offsets effortlessness with modernity. It's most recent cycle, which includes support for the outside sensor, gets an appreciated plan revive. Fortunately, it stays similarly as simple to utilize, so you'll be ready for action in minutes.


When mounted, you can adjust the sensor's daytime and evening movement discovery affectability. We tried the sensor amidst a Canadian winter ice storm and both the sensor and our test Hue Calla bollard light demonstrated solid enough to overcome the harshest components. We found the default settings were adequately adjusted to maintain a strategic distance from false alerts, yet on the off chance that you discover your lights are being activated by tree limbs or passing traffic, you can modify affectability with a basic slider.


The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor is ensured by a two-year guarantee.


Regardless of whether you're running a phalanx of outside Hue lights, you'd like to improve home security, or basically give an inviting climate in the wake of a monotonous day at work, you'll observe the Hue Outdoor Sensor to be a basic, hearty and adaptable expansion to your keen lighting tool kit.

Is there a superior option?

In case you're put resources into the Philips Hue biological system and need an open air sensor, this is your solitary decision, except if you wish to explore different avenues regarding IFTTT formulas. Our recommendation? Try not to trouble.

To what extent will it last?

We were satisfied to see the sensor perform well, even in stormy conditions. As an innovator in keen home lighting, Philips Hue is a brand you can trust. Contribute with certainty.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Totally. The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor is a basic however flexible expansion to any home with Hue savvy lighting.

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