Checkout Hisense H8E Series (55H8E) review

For as long as two years, Hisense has offered a H8 arrangement of 4K Ultra HD LED-LCD TVs that we have observed to be among the best qualities available for purchasers on spending plan.

We are assessing here 2018's 55-inch display in the H8E arrangement (55H8E), which as this was composed could be bought through Best Buy and other rebate retailers at a surprisingly economical $399.99. Different sizes in the arrangement include: 50-inches ($349.99), 65-inches ($599.99), and 75-inches ($1,099.99).
Hisense H8E Series
The current year's form, similar to all Hisense keen TVs for 2018 aside from the H9E-Plus arrangement (which is Android based), likewise includes coordination with Amazon's Alexa voice-control stage, which means clients with Alexa savvy speakers (like the Echo or Dot) or an Alexa application on a cell phone can utilize spoken directions to control essential capacities on the TV just as other Alexa-good shrewd gadgets in the home. On the other hand, Hisense makes a discretionary voice-control remote accessible with an inherent mic to take Alexa directions.

What you get in the current year's arrangement is a generally excellent (not incredible) 4K Ultra HD TV picture with neighborhood darkening that gives an unpretentious lift interestingly execution. The H8E TVs additionally can acknowledge and play HDR10-based high unique range (HDR) metadata. These sets don't bolster Dolby Vision.

On the drawback, the sets utilize 60 Hz local revive rate boards and 120 Motion Rate movement smoothing hardware and like earlier year's H8 arrangement, the pinnacle splendor level isn't high and won't create exceptionally awesome HDR specular feature results, contrasted with significantly more costly premium 4K sets. Be that as it may, HDR hues do profit some from an ascent in dynamic quality and obvious surface detail.

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The set likewise includes an inherent sound framework utilizing the sound expertise of Harman Kardon to take full advantage of the TV's two 10W primary channel speakers with DTS TruSurround support. In any case, the speakers are somewhat little and the general sound is a slight, so a decent soundbar or AV encompass sound speaker setup will help improve the motion picture watching background.

By and large, this is a prescribed spending plan 4K Ultra HD TV that would be phenomenal in an auxiliary room, similar to a room, dormitory or secured patio. It will likewise take care of business as an essential TV for family units on a financial plan. We found the H8E simple to set-up and use, with a pleasant 4K picture and a satisfactory upscaling framework for survey HD and Full HD sources without glaring diversions from antiquities or picture commotion.

Standard Dynamic Range

One of the qualities of Hisense H8 arrangement TVs long has been the capacity to convey fulfilling standard powerful range (SDR) pictures when playing HD and Full HD source material. Hues here fit in with the ST.709 shading array set up for HDTVs and are lavishly shown gratitude to the set's capacity to indicate dim blacks that upgrade shading. Our adjustment observed hues to be near hitting the imprints for exactness without a great deal of tweaking required.

The D65 white targets were exact, as were reds, yellows and greens. More fragile zones originated from blue, red and cyan, which draw near however not exactly dead on. In genuine pictures, hues appeared to be normal by and large with no glaring shading shifts.

High Dynamic Range

Pre-adjusted HDR shading on the H8E in CalMan alignment programming from Portrait Displays/SpectraCal.

The Hisense 55H8E does not get exceptionally brilliant when playing HDR content. We quantified 272 nits top luminance in a 10% D65 white window design; 272.9 nits in a 25% example, 290.6 nits in a half example and 303.1 nits with a 100% white screen. These are a long ways from the 1,000 nit top brilliance (10% window) standard set up by the UHDA for "premium" guaranteed 4K HDR presentations.

As referenced, blacks do get enjoyably profound and rich, yet they don't exactly achieve Premium guaranteed dark dimension gauges for LED-LCD TVs, ringing in at 0.0634 estimating a middle dark focus with moving 10% white windows in each of the four corners of the test design.

The TV has a fundamental direct-illuminated LED (not full cluster) nearby diminishing framework that accomplishes reliably dim blacks, and brilliant whites without cut-out. Be that as it may, the framework doesn't have the power or LED inclusion to bring out unobtrusive subtleties in shadowed territories. We found that huge numbers of the pinpoint foundation stars in the space walk scenes from Gravity, for instance, were difficult to observe, where premium HDR sets make these truly unmistakable.

Hisense rates the H8E arrangement a Rec.709 TV, which means it wasn't intended to achieve 90% of the DCI-P3 shading space indicated for Premium ensured HDR shows. We quantified inclusion of 79.7% of P3.

Movement Handling

Movement dealing with is the thing that we would expect of a TV utilizing a local 60 Hz invigorate rate board. The set incorporates a 120 Motion Rate framework, which constrains most, yet not all, picture obscuring in games. For motion pictures and most TV programs, however, the container were generally smooth without a great deal of judder.


Slight messy screen impact is available on a dark screen test design, yet this isn't sufficient to have a major effect on live video pictures. So also, dark screen consistency wasn't terrible in our test.

Off-Axis Viewing

The Achilles impact point of most LED-LCD TVs is off-hub seeing, and the 55H8E is no special case. Shading and difference execution starts to blur very quickly in the wake of venturing to one side or left of perfectly focused. Remember this if a gathering of individuals as often as possible stare at the TV together situated at various edges around the screen.

Video Gaming

Information slack from 4K/HDR gaming sources on the H8E is to some degree drowsy enrolling 38.6 ms for 1080/60Hz contribution with Game Mode turned on.

Picture Processing

The commotion decrease framework in the 55H8E completes a decent activity at limiting foundation picture clamor from low light, up-transformation and over the top film grain. The opening harbor scenes in Pirates of Caribbean: At World's End, indicated slight commotion from film grain however the low-light issues that can be intemperate on some presentations were taken care of well, introducing a for the most part smooth by and large canvas that doesn't occupy from the activity.


This year Hisense is putting forth three distinctive keen TV working frameworks over its different models arrangement. Top level arrangement get the Android TV stage, upper mid-extend models get the Roku TV stage and standard administrations get organization's restrictive Vidaa working framework. The Hisense 55H8E falls into the last class. The Vidaa stage is fundamental, however simple to utilize and is furnished with a decent determination of applications through an application store.

The remote control is intended to streamline the experience further by offering direct connection catches for Netflix, 4K Now (a gathering of 4K motion pictures and supporting applications on the stage), Vudu, YouTube, Fandango Now and TikiLive (a live spilling choice to digital TV). Squeezing any of the "hot keys" will consequently turn on the TV, dispatch the application and take the watcher to the last point viewed in that application.

Clients may choose extra applications through the Vewd (once Opera TV) App Store and the vast majority of the real administrations, short Hulu and Google Play Movies yet including Amazon Prime Video are incorporated. Applications additionally incorporate various administrations with access to gushing 4K content. By and large, the gushing stage isn't as extravagant as Android TV or as simple and broad as Roku TV, however it takes care of business truly well.


The Hisense H8E conveys a fundamental yet reasonable determination of data sources including three HDMI 2.0a, one of which underpins ARC (sound return channel). These will all pass 4K Ultra HD signals with HDR10 metadata from outside source gadgets. Additionally included are an optical sound yield, USB port, composite video (AUX) jacks, earphone jack and administration port. It likewise accompanies worked in Wi-Fi network and supports Bluetooth sound enabling a remote association with a soundbar or earphones.

At $399.99, the Hisense 55H8E is a strong incentive as a passage level 4K Ultra HD LED-LCD with HDR support. At this value, the image quality is awesome and near or superior to some likewise estimated section 4K Roku TVs, which would be the closest challenge. The Vidaa stage isn't as smooth as Roku's, however it's an expert, either. It takes care of business while the TV gives exceptionally fulfilling picture quality execution. Low cost is one of the H8E's best resources, however HD Guru's evaluations depend on picture, sound and highlight execution as it were.

We in this way grant the Hisense 55H8E 3.5 out of 5 hearts.

Spending TVs have progressed significantly over the most recent couple of years. Simply take a gander at the most recent Roku TVs from TCL: The exceedingly evaluated 6-arrangement sets up a shockingly feisty battle against Vizio's pricier P-arrangement, and even since a long time ago settled TV brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung.


While we explored the 55-inch 55H8E model, our audit additionally applies to the 65-inch display.

TCL's greatest country rival, Chinese comrade Hisense, needs a bit of that activity, and its H8E display is intended to take it. While the H8E may not fight with the huge young men yet — particularly with regards to its unremarkable savvy interface — the TV offers a lot of 4K picture punch, and it does as such at an insane low cost of only $400 for a 55-incher. For imminent spending purchasers, that is sufficient to put Hisense on your rundown.


The principal thing we saw while unwrapping our 55-inch show is that the cardboard box doesn't slide off the top like most TVs this size; rather you'll have to fumblingly raise the TV out of its froth home. Fortunately, the TV is additionally strikingly light for its size — not generally a decent sign for a LED TV, however as we adapted later, the H8E presents quite a bit of its unique sauce in the handling, not the board.

The TV has a generally thin bezel with a brushed aluminum complete for a fine stance on your TV stand, and it's additionally moderately thin for an illuminated presentation. The gleaming plastic feet shout spending purchase, however, so those hoping to class things up might need to move up to a mounting stand.

Hisense H8E Series

Riley Young/Digital Trends

It accompanies all you'll require, including a somewhat old-school looking wand remote with a number keypad (reviving nowadays, if not somewhat oafish), batteries, and a power link. The H8E highlights Alexa voice-control for fundamental capacities like information exchanging and volume change, however the base remote does exclude a mic, so you'll need to either make good another $40 for the mic remote, or access it through an Echo speaker.


As you'd expect in a spending purchase, there aren't a huge amount of approaches to associate. You get only three HDMI contributions to work with, however that coordinates TCL's pricier 6-arrangement, so we can't gripe excessively, and we were happy to see every one of them support 4K HDR at 60Hz. Different ports incorporate a composite info (no segment), a coaxial association, computerized optical and simple 3.5mm sound yields, and Ethernet association. The TV additionally offers Wi-Fi, obviously, just as Bluetooth for remote sound help.

HDR support incorporates the prominent HDR10 position, taking into consideration improved complexity and shading on bolstered content. In contrast to some TCL TVs, the H8E doesn't select the pricier Dolby Vision design.


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With regards to the image preparing we referenced over, the H8E offers neighborhood darkening with numerous zones for moderately great complexity and dark dimensions. The image watches good ideal out of the crate utilizing the Theater setting, however to get the best execution, you'll need to work for it a bit.

For one thing, HDR inputs expect you to go under HDMI 2.0 Format in the Settings and initiate "Upgraded Format." This gives you indistinguishable merry go round of picture modes from you'll see for normal substance (Theater, Sports, Vivid, and so on.), however with a "HDR" connected to each name. Tragically, any alterations you make to the image must be accomplished for the two modes, for example both the standard Theater Mode for HD content, and the HDR Theater Mode for 4K HDR substance.

While the TV completes a quite great job presenting rich difference and moderately strong dark dimensions under the Theater picture modes, as a spending show, there are a few eccentricities and bargains to be made. One of those includes the Sharpness setting, which should be set at 2 or beneath to maintain a strategic distance from outstanding strobing in certain more splendid scenes (most evident amid credit scenes).

Hisense H8E Series

Hisense H8E Series

Hisense H8E Series

Hisense H8E Series

Riley Young/Digital Trends

It's additionally somewhat hard to dive up every one of the subtleties in the darkest scenes without extinguishing the more splendid ones, as little augmentations in the Brightness setting change things drastically. We wound up bringing down the backdrop illumination level marginally, while prodding up the Brightness to 51 to see every one of the subtleties in darker scenes, yet dark dimensions will endure and more brilliant scenes look better with Brightness at 50. Alternately, you can utilize Adaptive Contrast (we prescribe Low) to upgrade darker scenes, yet once more, fastidious watchers may discover more brilliant scenes don't look very as great.

Else, we for the most part left the default settings as may be, including keeping Local darkening on Low. You can delve further into the Expert Settings, obviously, however we prescribe everything except the most progressive clients avoid these.

Average SMARTS

In spite of our nitpicking over, the H8E's image execution is the genuine splendid spot, giving the most esteem. Then again, the savvy interface is entirely person on foot. This is the place Roku's TV OS truly gives TCL and other Roku TV marks leverage.

By and large, Hisense's savvy highlights are flawlessly functional, and we invested a lot of energy utilizing the Netflix application to uncover 4K HDR substance. All things considered, while huge names like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube are altogether here, Hulu isn't, and there aren't numerous other marquee spilling applications of notice accessible. Further, while setup is a relative breeze, one of the TV's first messages is an inauspicious solicitation from Hisense to basically sell your survey information (and IP address) to obscure substances under the pretense of improving your review understanding. That was a hard "no" from us.

hisense h8e arrangement 55h8e survey 65h8e 75h8e 4k uhd television hdr xxl

Riley Young/Digital Trends


In spite of the fact that you'll certainly need to include a Roku or other spilling gadget to the blend, with regards to finding an extraordinary picture on a financial plan, this $400 TV conveys. While it may not wow the videophile swarm looking for the vibrance of quantum spots or the onyx dark dimensions of OLED TVs, the H8E offers rich, noteworthy shading, strong dark dimensions, and generally profound difference that conveys a great deal of profundity to your best substance — particularly with regards to 4K HDR scenes.

The brilliant robes of Kublai Khan totally sparkled in his faintly lit position of authority room.

Viewing The Martian on the H8E was a genuine treat. The distinct division between the blue-neon earth and space station scenes and the corroded red planet is exciting. The space scenes are additionally very much cast with small haloing, making the peak where Mark Watney is at last saved as vivid and convincing as ever. While there's unquestionably some more splendid flush to the wideband bars in an obscured room, there's truly very little to gripe about here.

The equivalent goes for Netflix's Marco Polo, where the brilliant silk robes of Kublai Khan totally sparkled in his faintly lit position of authority room. The presentation struggles with screen consistency in brilliant, open sky scenes like the standoff among Khan and his sibling, however of course, to a lesser degree, so does TCL's 6-Series. The show's darkest scenes, for example, the nightfall horse race among Polo and the secretive princess gave the H8E a genuine test, yet generally speaking the TV took into consideration full detail without yielding clearness and more profound dark shading.

The H8E isn't as splendid as a portion of the challenge, so on the off chance that you want to wrench the hues to 11, it may not be the one for you. Like all LED TVs that forego IPS boards, the H8E additionally battles forcefully with off hub seeing, sapping hues and complexity obviously outside the sweet spot. It's additionally important for gamers and sports fans that, not at all like the 65-inch demonstrate, the 55-inch 60Hz TV does exclude movement smoothing (however we never utilize this component at any rate).

On the in addition to side, while sound isn't amazing, it's not very decrepit either, exceeding even Vizio's P-Series.


Hisense guarantees its TVs for a year, which is equivalent to different brands in this class, including Vizio and TCL.


While you'll have to include a Roku or other detachable gadget to get a smooth spilling background, Hisense's H8E offers great 4K HDR picture from a kind sized screen for well under $500. Indeed, even a couple of years back, that'd be a pipe dream, making the H8E worth investigation for those hoping to move up to 4K Ultra HD at little to no cost.

Is there a superior option?

As you may have speculated, we prescribe looking at TCL's Roku TV line, which likewise offers amazing execution for the cash, combined with a preeminent savvy interface and each application you could need. While we haven't yet surveyed the organization's 5-arrangement TVs, they offer a decent blend of highlights, including 4K HDR, valued at only $500 for the 55-inch demonstrate. Another $200 to $250 will arrive you the 6-arrangement, which we believe is a standout amongst the best all-around offers in TV land.

Also, one can't disregard Vizio's lineup, whose 55-inch E-arrangement TV offers HDR, 12 dynamic zones of neighborhood darkening, and Chromecast spilling for a huge amount of gushing choices, once more, for just $500. Climbing the line to the M-arrangement and P-arrangement lineups further rewards every dollar you contribute with staggering picture quality.

To what extent will it last?

At this cost we're not s

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