iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 comparison review

Pondering whether to get (or stay with) Apple's leader tablet from 2014, the iPad Air 2, or to sit tight for an iPad Pro? We look at their highlights, specs, evaluating and more in our iPad Air 2 versus iPad Pro correlation audit

by David Price | 02 Oct 15

Would it be a good idea for me to purchase the Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch?
iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 comparison: iPad Air 2

The iPad Pro is Apple's greatest, quickest and obviously most costly tablet yet, coming in at $250 - likely about £200 to £220 - more than the iPad Air 2 at proportionate capacity contributions. Is it extremely worth the additional cash?

Normally that relies upon what you need from a tablet, however we think the Pro has a great deal to offer. You're getting an altogether greater screen (78 percent more screen space), a processor that is professed to be twice as quick as the officially rapid chip in the Air 2, better sound and access than wash new stylus and console cover adornments made by Apple itself (in spite of the fact that these expense much more).

The Pro is an extraordinary choice for computerized creatives, particularly in the event that you add the Pencil stylus to the blend, and business clients will likewise appreciate the capacity to run two efficiency applications one next to the other, every one at nearly the extent of an iPad Air 2 screen, utilizing iOS 9's Split View. Gamers, as well, will be wowed by that super-quick processor and ought to get a great deal of joy from the sound setup.

However, do you truly require this power and screen space? The Air 2 looks little now, however in a time of gaming, media viewing and portable working we've never discovered its 9.7-inch screen deficient. The A9X chip, as well, is for the time being outright needless excess: the Air 2 can easily run each application we toss at it. It'll be a while yet before the Pro's additional muscle truly demonstrates its value - despite the fact that it will do as such in the end, future-sealing being one of its favorable circumstances over the Air 2.

For the general client, even one like the creator who appreciates top of the line gaming and plans to utilize their tablet for work and media utilization and in addition the lighter email/web-perusing obligations that could be practiced joyfully by an iPad smaller than normal 2, the Air 2 is probably going to be a superior esteem choice than the Pro. We would prescribe that gadget just to those whose expert or everyday propensities require its capacities. Computerized specialists may well think that its value the cash, and business clients as well - particularly if work is paying.

Think cautiously before submitting such cash, and spotlight on the physical contrasts, which influence both your screen space and the movability of your gadget. While talking about new 'frame elements' we frequently prompt perusers - expecting they can't fly into an Apple Store and feel the gadgets for themselves - to deride up cardboard models of the two things under thought (utilizing the measurements above) and play around with them. Check whether it fits in that sack you like. Envision watching a film on the screen. Endeavor to work out if it's appropriate for you and your way of life.

Cost when investigated

$799 (32GB, WiFi); $899 (128GB, WiFi); $999 (256GB, WiFi); $1,029 (128GB, cell), $1129 (256GB, cell)

Mac iPad Pro 12.9-inch full audit

Refresh, 8 April 2016: iPad purchasers have another choice: another tablet that consolidates the versatility and 9.7in screen of the iPad Air 2 with the highlights of the extra large screen iPad Pro. Peruse our iPad Pro 9.7in survey to check whether it's appropriate for you.

This time a year ago the iPad Air 2 had the world at its feet. In Apple's tablet line-up, the Air 2 was the highest point of the range: Apple's most incredible cell phone ever, with a lavish 9.7-inch Retina-class screen, Touch ID and the majority of Apple's most recent highlights. At the point when iOS 9 tagged along recently, its situation of prominence appeared to be affirmed: just the Air 2 gain admittance to the full bundle of highlights, with the Split View performing various tasks include denied to each other Apple gadget.

This finished unexpectedly with the declaration of the iPad Pro. The Pro vaults easily to the highest point of Apple's tablet line-up, pressing a greater screen, quicker processor, unrivaled remote and sound setups and two cool new frill. It's likewise progressively costly, in any case (we don't realize UK costs yet, yet we realize that it will be a cool $250 more than the Air 2 in the US for proportionate models) and there are different downsides to going for the Pro.

Our iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 correlation surveys covers these downsides, and also looking at the plan, highlights, specs and valuing for these two Apple items.

You may likewise prefer to peruse our iPad Pro survey and our iPad Air 2 audit for increasingly point by point examination of every item. What's more, we've refreshed our iPad purchasing guide for harvest time/winter 2015.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2: Physical structure and versatility

Most clearly and maybe in particular, the iPad Pro is much greater than the Air 2. This takes into consideration an extensively greater screen, which we'll talk about in the following area, yet it's vital to get a handle on the distinction in transportability that outcomes from the additional volume and weight you will bear - regardless of whether the Pro remains a stunningly thin tablet.

The Air 2 won't fit in a pocket, however it slips effortlessly into a satchel or little backpack and can be held effectively in one hand - which is an imperative thought whether you need to utilize it a digital book peruser. The Pro is more like a MacBook Air - it also slips into a backpack however takes up a greater amount of the space inside, and keeping in mind that it tends to be held one-gave it can't reasonably be utilized along these lines.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 examination: iPad Air 2

The Pro is around 63 percent heavier than the Air 2; and about 27 percent longer and 30 percent more extensive. We feel that getting the Pro's thickness down to 6.9mm is a dazzling accomplishment, however that is still 13 percent thicker than the super-thin Air 2.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 examination: iPad Pro

Here are the imperative measurements:

iPad Pro: 305.7mm x 220.6mm x 6.9mm; 713g (Wi-Fi display)

iPad Air 2: 240mm x 169.5mm x 6.1mm; 437g (Wi-Fi demonstrate)

Beside being greater, the iPad Pro has a comparative physical structure to the Air 2: the materials, bezel, edging, etc are the equivalent, just on a more fantastic scale. There are new Smart Connector ports on the lefthand side, which take into consideration the connection of new console cases (we talk about these in the extras segment) and you get four speakers rather than two (shrouded in the sound segment) yet whatever remains of the structure is the equivalent.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 examination

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2: Screen

The iPad Pro has around 78 percent more screen space than the Air 2. On the off chance that you utilize the Pro in scene introduction, the screen zone you get is practically identical to a couple of Air 2 screens (each in picture mode) one next to the other. This makes its mark when running two applications in iOS 9's new Split View, which deals with the Air 2 however was obviously planned in light of the Pro.

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iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 correlation: Split View in iOS 9

Split View, running here on an iPad Air 2

The Air 2's presentation is serenely sufficiently huge for agreeable, vivid gaming and film/TV viewing; the Pro's additional screen space improves the experience still (and its prevalent sound is a special reward when watching motion pictures) yet couldn't be portrayed as basic.

Where the bigger screen truly makes its mark is for work applications, and especially innovative work applications. The Pro is a great as a computerized craftsmanship tablet (helped moreover by its new stylus extra) and is a solid choice for the business client who needs to work over different records as well as profitability applications on the double.

Here are the screen subtleties:

iPad Pro: 12.9-inch show with 2732x2048 goals (264ppi pixel thickness)

iPad Air 2: 9.7-inch show with 2048x1536 goals (264ppi)

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2: Processor control

One more year passes, and processors get quicker. The iPad Air 2 is never again the quickest iOS gadget on the square. Regardless of whether you'll require the iPad Pro's honestly silly preparing and graphical capacity to run applications that are right now accessible is another inquiry, however it positively offers a generous level of future-sealing. Applications are just going to get more processor-concentrated.

Macintosh asserts that the A9X empowers the Pro to convey "up to 1.8 occasions the CPU execution and twofold the designs execution of iPad Air 2". That is in contrast with a gadget that was and remains a portable powerhouse.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 correlation: iPad Pro

The Pro, at that point, can run totally anything on the App Store no sweat, and will continue having the capacity to do this for quite a long time and most likely years to come. This is without a doubt a fine thing for the individuals who appreciate video altering, and top of the line gaming, and that sort of thing; however on the off chance that your desire are constrained to more straightforward applications or progressively essential assignments, the A9X is needless excess. (On the off chance that you sincerely can't envision yourself utilizing your tablet for much else requesting than email, surfing the web and straightforward amusements, even the Air 2 is more than you'll require: think about the Air 1 or one of the small models.)

When we get hold of an iPad Pro audit test we'll think about the two tablets in Macworld's thorough speed tests and refresh this article with increasingly logical examinations.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2: Accessories

The iPad Air 2 has a wide scope of adornments, some made by Apple however a lot increasingly made by outsiders: you can look over a gigantic assortment of cases, spreads, consoles and sound frill. The equivalent can't be said of the iPad Pro, which isn't level out yet, yet you can make sure that the extra creators will surge out good items quite promptly. (What's more, in actuality numerous iPad Air extras will work with the Pro in any case.)

One favorable position held by the Pro in this office identifies with a couple of rather decent Apple-made adornments that were reported at the Pro's dispatch occasion. These are a stylus - called the Apple Pencil - and another console cover called the Smart Keyboard. The console connects to the Pro by means of information/control ports on its lefthand side, and in this way even a littler rendition of it couldn't be utilized with before iPad models. The Apple Pencil, as well, has been planned (Apple says) in view of the Pro explicitly, and due to an update to the Multi-Touch screen subsystem on that gadget you won't get the full involvement if utilizing the Pencil with the Air 2.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 examination: Apple Pencil

Our initial encounters with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil have been certain - you can peruse progressively about them in our iPad Pro survey. Remember that these are excluded with the Pro, nonetheless: we haven't been given UK valuing however we realize that the Smart Keyboard will cost $169 in the US and the Apple Pencil $99.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 correlation: Smart Keyboard

Apple's very own adornments will dependably be that modest piece preferable coordinated over those made by outsider extra creators, since Apple controls and has full access to the structure of the essential gadget and the working framework that keeps running on it. Be that as it may, they are generally more costly than the proportionate by another organization.

Remember that there are probably going to be loads of styluses and console cases propelled by outsiders in the run-up to the iPad Pro's dispatch that resound the plans of the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard - and these will likely be made for both Pro and Air 2.

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iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2: Audio

The Pro is a superior pick for the individuals who consider sound yield a need. Though the iPad Air 2 has twin speakers - and these so near one another at the front edge that you get hardly any stereo impact - the Pro has four. Furthermore, Apple says that the Pro joins a programmed rebalancing framework that changes the yield of the speakers to adjust for the position the Pro is in, the manner in which you're holding it, etc.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 examination: Speakers

We haven't tried the Pro's sound - the clamor created by assembled columnists at the hands-on session made exact investigation inconceivable - however we're idealistic that a generally powerless territory for the iPad extend has been given a lift.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2: What's the equivalent?

The Pro highlights various redesigns, as we've seen, however there are a lot of things these two tablets share for all intents and purpose.

Their screens are distinctive sizes and diverse goals, yet they should offer a similar level of sharpness. The additional pixels are proportionate to the additional room, at the end of the day: the two gadgets have a pixel thickness of 264 pixels for each inch, or ppi. (By and by you may wind up holding the Pro further from your eyes, which means it could escape with a lower pixel thickness to accomplish a similar impression of sharpness. Apple utilized this rationale in the past to permit bring down pixel-thickness gadgets to be appraised as Retina on the off chance that it trusted they would be held further away, however we're satisfied it hasn't done as such here.)

Battery life for the two gadgets is authoritatively appraised the equivalent (10 hours of Wi-Fi based web surfing), and the front-and back confronting cameras on the two tablets have coordinating specs and highlights. (The two gadgets' back cameras are appraised 8Mp, and front cameras are 1.2Mp.)

Both the iPad Pro and Air 2 highlight quick 802.11ac remote and the more up to date Bluetooth 4.2 standard. (The iPad small scale 4 offers these as well. The iPad Air 1 and smaller than expected 2 are both confined to a/b/g/n remote, in any case, and Bluetooth 4.0.)

The Touch ID unique mark scanner has all the earmarks of being the equivalent on every gadget - if Apple has given the Pro the quicker Touch ID we're getting a charge out of in the iPhone 6s, it hasn't attracted consideration regarding this reality - and both can utilize this for Apple Pay on the web and in applications, yet not in shops.

In conclusion, the Pro and Air 2 come in a similar shading alternatives: silver, Space Gray and our darling gold. Rose gold remains an iPhone offering until further notice.

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2 correlation: Colors

iPad Pro versus iPad Air 2: Price and accessibility

One drawback of plumping for the iPad Pro is that you will need to hold up before purchasing - and we're not in any case beyond any doubt precisely to what extent for. Mac has just said that the iPad Pro will dispatch in November. (The iPad Air 2 is accessible now, and has been for about a year.)

You'll likewise need to hold up until the point that closer to jump start before you discover how much the Pro will cost in the UK. We do, in any case, make them value, which enables us to get a thought of how the two items will look at value astute. As should be obvious, at the two at which coordinate correlations are conceivable, the Pro is $250 progressively costly. (You'll likewise see that the capacity choices for the iPad Pro are increasingly prohibitive: nothing under 128GB is allowed for cell models.)

iPad Air 2:

Wi-Fi (16GB): $499

Wi-Fi (64GB): $599

Wi-Fi (128GB): $699

Cell (16GB): $629

Cell (64GB): $729

Cell (128GB): $829

iPad Pro:

Wi-Fi (32GB): $799

Wi-Fi (128GB): $949

Cell (128GB): $1,079

Here's the present UK evaluating for the iPad Air 2:

Wi-Fi (16GB): £399

Wi-Fi (64GB): £479

Wi-Fi (128GB): £559

Cell (16GB): £499

Cell (64GB): £579

Cell (128GB): £659

Also, our evaluations of the costs you're probably going to pay for the iPad Pro:

Wi-Fi (32GB): £629

Wi-Fi (128GB): £759

Cell (128GB): £879

We'll refresh these when official UK estimating is affirmed by Apple.

Macworld survey: Which tablet do you intend to purchase?

We've almost achieved a decision. Have you gone to a choice yet? We'd love to hear your considerations.

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