iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 comparison review

Pondering whether to get (or stay with) Apple's leader tablet from 2014, the iPad Air 2, or to sit tight for an iPad Pro? We look at their highlights, specs, evaluating and more in our iPad Air 2 versus iPad Pro correlation audit

by David Price | 02 Oct 15

Would it be a good idea for me to purchase the Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch?
iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 comparison: iPad Air 2

How to Buy The Right Chromebook

Chromebooks have been changing quickly as of late, including PC power, touchscreens, and Android applications. With these machines expanding both their capacity and value, it very well may be extremely hard to make sense of which, assuming any, would work for you. Beneath we've experienced the most widely recognized inquiries we get about Chromebooks and spread out some valuable foundation data.
Size is a tradeoff between portability and screen size.

The 2018 Chromebooks

With the expansion of touchscreens and Android applications, Chromebooks have turned out to be completely fledged processing machines rather than the specialty results of yore. We tried 7 of the best new models available to locate the perfect machine for each individual, circumstance, and spending plan. Chromebooks have made enormous jumps as of late, some adding enough capability and usefulness to be utilized as an essential PC. Nonetheless, those additional capacities implies a significantly progressively differing scope of items and in this manner more interesting points when purchasing a Chrome controlled PC. Our testing choice covers the full scope of Chromebooks, from straightforward and reasonable to overwhelmed behemoths, so whether you need an optional PC for venturing out or are hoping to make the move to the Chrome OS full time, we can direct you towards the ideal workstation.
the Google Pixelbook is incredibly thin  and quite light.